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PostSubject: DISCOGRAFIA   Fri May 09, 2008 5:17 pm

666 ways to love (1996)

-The heartless
-wicked game
-dark secret love

Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 (1998)

-For You
-Wicked game (cover di Chris Isaak)
-The Heartless
-Our Diabolikal Rapture
-It's All Tears (Drown in this Love)
-When Love and Death Embrace
-The Beginning of the End
-(Don't Fear) The Reaper
-Your Sweet 6666

Razorblade romance (1999)

-I Love You (Prelude to Tragedy)
-Poison Girl
-Join Me (In Death)
-Right Here In My Arms
-Gone With the Sin
-Razorblade Kiss
-Bury Me Deep Inside
-Heaven Tonight
-Death is in Love With Us
-One Last Time
-Sigillum Diaboli
-The 9th Circle

Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights (2001)

-Salt in Our Wounds
-Heartache Every Moment
-Lose You Tonight
-In Joy and Sorrow
-Close to the Flame
-You Are the One
-Please Don't Let It Go
-In Love and Lonely
-Don't Close Your Heart
-Love You Like I Do
In Joy and Sorrow

Love metal (2003)

-Buried Alive By Love
-The Funeral Of Hearts
-Beyond Redemption
-Sweet Pandemonium
-Soul On Fire
-The Sacrament
-This Fortress Of Tears
-Circle Of Fear
-Endless Dark
-The Path

And love said no (2004)

-And Love Said No
-Join Me In Death
-Buried Alive By Love
-Heartache Every Moment
-Solitary Man
-Right Here In My Arms
-The Funeral Of Hearts
-In Joy And Sorrow
-Your Sweet 666
-Gone With The Sin
-Wicked Game
-The Sacrament
-Close To The Flame
-Itīs All Tears (Drown In This Love)
-Poison Girl
-When Love And Death Embrace
-Soul On Fire
-Beyond Redemption
-Buried Alive By Love

Dark Light (2005)

-Vampire Heart
-Wings of a Butterfly
-Under the Rose
-Killing Loneliness
-Dark Light
-Behind the Crimson Door
-The Face of God
-Drunk on Shadows
-Play Dead
-In the Nightside of Eden
-Venus (in our blood)
-The Cage
-Poison Heart

Venus Doom (2007)

-Venus Doom
-Love in Cold Blood
-Passion's Killing Floor
-The Kiss of Dawn
-Sleepwalking Past Hope
-Dead Loverīs Lane
-Song or Suicide
-Bleed well
-Cyanide Sun
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